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dot-mobi sites - mini-websites created for mobile devices and smartphones like Blackberry, Palm and Treo

Nowadays, just about everyone has a smart phone, web capable mobile phone or other portable electronic device, and people are increasingly using these little gizmos for more than just checking email and text messaging.  As more companies create mobile friendly websites, surfing and shopping the web on a mobile device has become easier and more common.

Because most dot-com websites are not mobile phone friendly, saavy internet marketers are creating dot-mobi sites specifically to reach mobile customers (check out google.mobi).  Having a dot-mobi extension on the url tells the user the site is made specifically to be viewed on mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs and smartphones such as Blackberry, Palm and Treo

Now is the time to capitalize on this growing market and create websites especially for mobile users on the go with dot-mobi -the new internet platform designed for mobile devices.  Read on to find out how build your own free dot-mobi compatible website.

With sales of internet capable cell phones outnumbering PC sales by about four to one, this is a powerful way to expand into a fast growing market.  When users do a web search and see a .mobi extension they will know that the site is custom built for their cell phone or mobile electronic device.

Domain names are going fast, so reserve yours today! Log in below to try our free mobi site builder and see for yourself.  A basic site only takes about 15 minutes to create. in just a few easy steps. Check it out. It is free to try.

Sign up to learn more and watch video   or   log-in to access your existing account.  You can have a basic mobisitegalore website for free.  The online tools are extremely ease to use.

If you want to use a specific domain name, you may want to buy your domains names and full service hosting for dot-mobi and other sites at a provider such as Netfirms or Dotster.

Make your website come alive!
We all know that when it comes to websites there is no denying that content is king. Your site also needs to look good to be effective. Why settle for a cheesy, sorry looking website when you have a professionally designed website ready for your customization?  Even with a limited budget and minimal design skill you can have a great looking site with all the bells and whistles by starting with professionally designed web templates.

Whether you are a business owner, blogger or a webmaster, templates can help eliminate "designer's block" and get you off to a great start.  Most of the template companies offer logos and corporate identity as well as tutorials and some will help you with the customization for an additional cost. If you want a unique website design, browse through the template offerings of the template providers in the bar on the right and buy the design at the unique or exclusive price. The template will then be removed from the marketplace, so watch the hot new template box below and buy your template before any else does!  

Here's a little secret.... After countless hours of surfing and searching I have found that the vast majority of the better templates available on the internet originate from just a handful of suppliers. I kept seeing the same design collections for sale over and over on tons of websites.   I'd like to save you a lot of time and trouble by offering the templates collections right here so please buy through our affiliate links.  

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Wheeler Designworks has partnered with LogoYes to allow you to create a professional, custom logo for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. Choose from over 20,000 unique symbols, with tons of fonts, colors and layout options as well. Thanks to an easy point & click process, you can create the perfect logo in no time with our automatic logo generation system.   
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